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From 5 June 2010 till 25 June 2010 I will be QRV on 40 and 20 meter bands and using SSB and DIGI-MODE (RTTY and BPSK31). I will try also to be QRV on the 17, 15 and 10 meter band. If you require a quick return of your QSL card, please send direct to address, 
Tom Braam (PF4T )
Hondsrug 210
8251 VB Dronten,
The Netherlands

Including a self addressed envelope, with or 1 Green Stamp if you are in Europe. If outside Europe please include 2 Green Stamps, as one is not enough to cover postage. Any cards received direct not with sufficient postage will not be returned. If sending your card through the bureau, please mark your card “via PA0LEY or PF4T” to make sure I receive it. Any cards received via the bureau will be returned via the bureau. I only will QSL by Paper after receive paper QSL. I do not use EQSL!!! The design of a QSL-card cost some money and Green Stamps are welcome.  Direct QSL will have 100 % priority for me. Direct QSL will be reply for 100%. QSL via the bureau will be sent after when the Direct QSL’s are replied.

I hope that for many of you, I can give you a new DXCC entity and therefore help you towards your DXCC and other awards etc. As I expect the openings to be very short, please be courteous to your fellow operators and me, and do not call when I have acknowledged a station. This will minimize the QRM and delay, thereby allowing me to maximize the number of stations that I can possibly contact within the small opening timeavailable. I would very much appreciate, if whenever heard, if you could please spot me on the various DX clusters on the Internet? This is a tremendous benefit and certainly helps me to work as many stations as possible.Please note: I do not have access to email while in the Maldives. My operation is approved for DXCC credit. I look forward to contacting as many of you as possible, wishing you good luck and best 73

Working conditions were be very simple consisting of 100 watts PEP from an Yaesu FT897d transceiver. The antenna will be a Windom FD4 80-40-20-17-15-10 metres and an Inverted V G5RV 40-20 Metres. The Inverted V will be 20m suspended from the top of the coconut palms approximately 10 metres from the sea.

Please be patience on all the pile-ups. I hope that I can help some of you towards your awards and/or maybe giving you an all time new DXCC entity for your log. Please feel free to send a mail if you have any question. Mail me at 8q7tb@pf4t.nl.

'73 de Tom

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